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Arizona Solar Energy Association

Living with the Sun: Arizona Style 2012

Join us for the 2012 Valley of the Sun Solar & Sustainability Tour on October 27, 2012. In addition, we will have a special tour and mini workshop on the 28th.

There will be something for everyone, whether it is low cost, high technology, desert design or simple environmental and behavioral techniques.

Enjoy the special treat of meeting the people who created and live in these buildings and who will be sharing their knowledge and experiences. See projects ranging from new construction to remodels - from residences to public buildings - and from simple to complex.

Read the official press release here.

More information is available on the Arizona Solar Center website.

Here is a map of the locations.

Download the guide here: Hi-res  PDF   Lo-res  PDF

Individual pages for the buildings themselves are here. All buildings are open on Saturday only, except for Mesa's Bee Oasis, which is open Sunday only.

Becker Residence
Barnhart Studio
Dalrymple Residence
Saturday 9:00am to
 12:00pm only)
Douglas Architects Office
Catlin Residence
Peris Residence
Edwards Residence
The Bee Oasis
(Sunday 9:00am to
 3:00pm only)

Edwards Remodel

We look forward to seeing you there!

About ASEA

The Arizona Solar Energy Association (ASEA) is the Arizona affiliate of the American Solar Energy Society. Founded in the 1970s as a technical association of early solar technology professionals, the group has evolved into a diverse assemblage of individuals who share a common interest in sustainable human activity and the use of solar energy. ASEA reaches out to both professionals and non-professionals alike.

As a founding and sustaining organizational member of the Arizona Solar Center, ASEA provides a platform for its members to educate and advocate for a sustainable future for Arizona.

Depending upon local preferences, local chapters may have meetings, workshops, a newsletter and other activities. Members are active in industry associations, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), the State Legislature, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), the Pima Association of Governments (PAG), the Governor's Solar Energy Advisory Council (SEAC), and other groups.

ASEA sponsors, hosts, and participates in events throughout Arizona that focus on education and demonstration of appropriate solar technologies. Whether it's a solar cook-off, a seminar on how to size a photovoltaic power system, or a workshop on implementing passive solar design, ASEA offers many opportunities for its members to learn about the applications of solar energy and to show others how they have applied their knowledge to benefit themselves and our environment.

Your donation supports ASEA efforts. ASEA is entirely a volunteer, non-profit organization and welcomes new supporters. Whether you simply want to support our efforts with your donation or want to also become actively involved, we welcome your participation. Please join us in our efforts to achieve a sustainable future for Arizona.

For information about last Fall's Valley of the Sun Solar and Sustainable Buildings Tour, click here.

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